The 28 day skin care rule

Is your skin care working for you?

Have you ever used a new product and thought after 2 weeks it was not working? Well, let me tell you why!
It doesn’t matter if it is a cheap or expensive skin product the key to see results to any skin care product is consistency and patience.
Yes, I know we all want that initial face-lift in a bottle but without injectables that is not going to happen.

The key to seeing results in any skincare routine is applying it daily and for a minimum of 28 days.

Why 28 days?
Have you heard of 21 day habit where it takes 21 days to make or break a habit?? It is the same for your skin cellsThe skin we can feel is the stratum corneum in the epidermis. This top layer of skin is the dead cells of the skin cycle. The new cells are coming from deep within your skin, the basal layer in the dermis. An average skin cell cycle is 28 days.

What does this mean for your product?
Applying a cream or serum topically, it will take 28 days of consistently applying your skincare products to your skin for your cells to respond to it. 

In other words when your new cells are being produced in the basal layer in the dermis, they will be treated by the active products that you have applied for the previous 28 days. This regenerated layer will then replace the epidermis (top layer) with the healthy treated cells, which for you means giving you your skincare results.

In short it will take a minimum of 28 days application of your skincare products daily to see amazing results. The longer you apply, the longer your results will last!